Job Seeker Services

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Interview Coaching

We offer interview coaching in over the phone or via Skype. Prior to your consultation, we will ask you to email us your resume and information on the position(s) for which you are applying. We will then prepare a list of questions that you are likely to be asked in the interview and create tailored session for you. Three 30 minute sessions are conducted over the phone or via Skype.

During sessions, you will:

  • Discover how to prepare for interviews and make a great first impression
  • Learn strategies to overcome your nerves and build your confidence
  • Find out how to build rapport with the interviewer and sell yourself effectively
  • Learn how to answer common interview questions
  • Get help preparing responses to behavioural-based questions
  • Discover how to negotiate and secure a competitive salary package
  • Get feedback on your interview skills in a practice interview
  • Get tips on standing out from other applicants and beating the competition.

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Selection Criteria

Are you applying for a position where you need to address the selection criteria in a separate document and include it in your job application?

Our consultants can help you prepare well-written, polished response for each of the criteria to give you the best possible chance of securing an interview.


Customised Cover Letter

It is important to include a well-written cover letter when you apply for jobs. Stand out from the crowd by engaging one of our consultants to write a customised cover letter for you that highlights your relevant skills and experience. We can tailor your cover letter for a specific role, or write a general cover letter for you that you can use to apply for a variety of positions.


Active Candidate Promotion

Are you looking to find that next career move and get yourself in front of as many potential employers as possible?

We offer the ability to have your photo and / or a short career summary displayed on the Spatial Jobs web site plus the option to have this information distributed to potential employers in a geographic region or globally via e-mail to industry employers and recruitment agencies.

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Immigration Services

Are you looking to work in another country?

We work with a specialist immigration firm who helps secure visas for all our clients to ensure they can come over to Australia. For more details click on their logo or go to


Professional Resume

Secure more job interviews by engaging one of our Resume Writers to prepare a professional resume for you. Your resume will be tailored for the spatial industry to help you stand out from other applicants and get short-listed by employers. Your Personal Resume Consultant will liaise with you directly to identify your relevant skills, experience and achievements, and present them effectively to employers.

Your resume will include:

  • A Career Profile / Objective
  • Your Key Skills and Achievements
  • Your Work Experience and Qualifications
  • Your Project Accomplishments
  • Other Relevant Information