T&Cs and Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Spatial Job Online declares we have established a privacy policy and deal with personal information* with responsibility:
Collection and usage of personal information.

  1. We collect and use personal information upon the agreement with that person with the notice of the purpose of usage.
  2. Provision of personal information.
  3. We do not provide personal information to any third parties, unless the said person agrees.
  4. Management of personal information
  5. We take necessary and appropriate measures for safe management that would prevent a leak, loss and damage of personal information.
  6. Review of privacy policy.
  7. In order to comply with local law protecting personal information, we review our privacy policy regularly.
  8. Questions and complaints about personal information
  9. We handle questions and complaints about personal information appropriately and quickly.
  10. Resolution of disputes
  11. If a dispute arises, the matter would be handled by relevant dispute resolution process within the appropriate government body.

*Personal information means information relating to an individual, including an opinion, which may be provided to Spatial Job Online as part of its recruitment and selection activities either in material form or not, and whether true or not. Such information may personally identify an individual or make the person’s identity reasonably apparent.