My passion lies in infrastructure and planning, but mostly in geographic information (GI) technology. My strengths are related to GI Data analyses, -management and -organization in different fashions and different fields of interests, which I can fully exploit at Cyclomedia Technology BV. Other notable experience includes lecturing/teaching and tutoring students in various courses at Utrecht University and fulfilling secretarial and administrative duties at Wageningen University.

My preferred content domains includes, but certainly not limited to, Transportation, Infrastructure and Urban Planning. I like to approach matters from multiple perspectives: I tend to look at projects in detail, although I acknowledge the overview should definitely not be neglected. The same goes for everything in the geographical dimension, by reviewing at local, regional, national as well as international levels.

My ambition is to expand and apply my knowledge and skills in the GI branche. As such, I am always interested in getting hands-on experience and more awareness, regardless of the topic or scale.

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    11 Aug 2014