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The Brisbane-based team behind crowdsourced mapping platform Gruntify has been invited to attend the exclusive 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES16) in Silicon Valley. President Barack Obama is the featured speaker at an event that will bring together the best entrepreneurs and investors from around the world.

GES16 aims create new opportunities for investment, partnership, and collaboration around these technologies. Gruntify’s Founder Igor Stjepanovic will be there to showcase the innovative nature and huge potential of the Gruntify platform.

Particular focus will be on the power of Gruntify technology to help solve problems in the diverse areas of Conservation and Smart Cities. There are big challenges in both these industries in data collection, management and collaboration. Gruntify’s smart, spatial, real-time data management platform provides instant situational awareness and informed decision-making.

As a representative of the startup community and spatial industry from Australia, Gruntify’s attendance at the event will help build a network between Australian businesses and investors, business leaders and government officials from the USA and the rest of the world.

“This invitation is a fantastic recognition for Gruntify and its development team,” Gruntify founder Igor Stjepanovic said, “We’re extremely humbled and proud to be chosen to participate in this transformative event.”

“We’ll proudly wave the Australian and spatial industries flag at this event!”


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