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Source: Directions Magazine

Editor’s note: Welcome to the second installment of our 2016 monthly series, Geospatial on a Budget. Today we’re going to take a look at some time-saving converter tools that won’t stress your math abilities or the budget…they are free.

Most professional data workflows include converting coordinates. Does converting points and working with projections ever make you feel like you’re back in that math class that you were certain wasn’t going to be useful in life? Whether you have a big stack of points or just one or two, we’ve found some options that may make life easier for you. If you’re working with groups of students, young or old, these may make the days on coordinate systems much easier. Impress all your friends at the next party with your knowledge of projections and coordinates!

Latitude, longitude, UTM and some datum

Montana State University has datum selection built into their converter choices. Their page includes the single lookup, UTM converter and a map in one stop.

Steven Dutch in Natural and Applied Sciences at University of Wisconsin-Greenbay has created some very helpful resources. “I got enough inquiries on this subject that I decided to make a page for it,” he said. You will find a newer java script version along with formulas that will take you back to trigonometry class. He has created a spreadsheet resource that does the math for you. And if you really want to get your geogeek on, then he has included some nice explanations of projection for you as well.

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By Barbaree Ash Duke